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5 Amazing Ways to Use Your Home Phone

Even a few years home phones used to be a thing that could be used only when we were home.  But with the revolutionary changes in telecom industry, innovation and implementation are changing the scenario with each phone promotion in this industry. Today the home phone can be connected to every mobile device present in a household and serve the purpose of connectivity in a secured, reliable and cost-effective way. It can be now called as the “home base” for combining all the different methods you choose to communicate and plays an equally important role as your house does to you.

Here are five amazing things your home phone can do that will save your time and money, irrespective of where you are placed. Whether you are in your home or on the way, your family can remain in touch with you through the home phone in five new ways as described below:

  1. Talk and Text Unlimited

With the new home phone features users are now free to talk and text as much as they want, without the need of using a wireless plan. All you have to do is download the Connecting App of your telephone service provider and set up to four phone numbers to talk and text from any mobile device that is connected to a Wi-Fi connection. Its best for kids, who are still not supposed to handle smartphones.

  1. Free phone calls and text messages

The app from your service provider would allow you to call or text your friends and family through the wireless plan without having to worry about the roaming charges of cellular data especially when one of you is out of station. This way the holidays become more fun and tension free, while you can remain connected to each other and update your whereabouts.

  1. Call Forwarding

Just the way your smartphone forwards your call to another number, the home phones today are having the same facility, it can now easily forward the home phone calls up to four respective devices, through its advanced call forwarding feature and you remain connected to your people through your home phone even when working outdoors.

  1. Caller Identification

Even when you are not near your home phone and the phone rings, you can find out who is calling by not even moving from your place. we all know how badly we needed this, especially when we are busy at kitchen, washroom or just having a nap. By simply looking at your smartphone, laptop or tablet you can see who is calling and decide if you need to pick it up, let it ring or call back the caller.

  1. Voicemail

Now checking voicemail from your home phone is a breeze through the app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Get all the message whenever you were unable to receive a call, and all this is possible with your home phone that is now turning smarter with every new innovation taking place in the telecom industry.

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