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Benefits of Purchasing a Bluetooth Pet Finder

There have been countless cases registered in the past where people have lost their pets outside. Cats and dogs are generally quite inquisitive, and their curiousness often becomes too much for the owners to handle. If you are out in a busy area and your dog catches a different scent, there’s a very strong chance that they will break loose from the leash and run off in a different direction. What do you do in such a case? Many people can’t run as fast as their dogs, and often lose them in the hustle and bustle of a crowd. Similarly, there are many instances where pets are stolen from a person’s front yard as well. If you don’t have any way of tracking your dog, your only option is to rely on the eyes and ears of the community. Most people just put up posters of their pet, along with a promise of a reward if they are returned to them.

But, with all of the technological advancements that have been made in the past couple of decades, why not use technology to your advantage? One of the best things that you can do is install a Bluetooth pet finder on your pet’s collar. There are many benefits that you get for installing a pet finder collar unit on your pet’s collar. Here are just some of the many advantages that you get for installing this tiny device on your pet’s collar.

Mobile Apps

The pet finder is a small device that you can thread through your pet’s collar. This is connected via Bluetooth to your phone’s mobile app, and allows you to get access to a variety of features. For instance, you can pinpoint your pet’s exact location via the GPS module on your phone. Secondly, if you are walking your pet outside at a late hour and are worried that the situation is more dangerous than you think, you can also directly contact the emergency services through your mobile phone. It’s a fantastic idea for people who want intuitive control of different things through a centralised mobile app. This gives you the peace of mind to let your pet roam free without having to worry about where they are all of the time.

Longer Range

With a range of up to 110m, the small device allows you to track your pet through a considerably large area. Thanks to the power of Bluetooth 4.0, the pet finder will give you their clear location, even through obstacles and obstructions. You just need to turn on the mobile app and use it to check their location. The GPS module will also provide clear directions about where they are.

Replaceable Battery

Another fantastic advantage of installing the pet finder is that they come with a replaceable battery, unlike the cheaper models. If the battery is low, you just have to take it out from the module and replace it with a small battery that you can find at any local store.

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