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Comparing the Benefits between Using a Website Builder and Hiring A Professional Website Designer

Here is a detailed website builder comparison with professional website designer when it comes to advantages associated with them. Read on.

Advantages of Using a Website Builder

  1. Affordable

The main advantage of using a website builder is the price. For quite a tad bit investment, you can build a website on the web. Some website builders are available for free as well.

  1. Fast

Using website builder can have your website up and running in a day. But when you hire a website builder, it at least takes 4 to 6 weeks to launch.

  1. Decent design

Many of the existing website builders provide design and templates which have a decent look. The gist is to make them work by copying the template design in an exact manner. Any alterations or additions you make to the design, will only affect you.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Web Designer

  1. Professional design

When it comes to hiring a website designer, you are considering a professional one whose job role is to comprehend the best design practices, colors, fonts, balance, and harmony. They also bear an understanding of the information architecture, user interface, and how the design creates an impact on the visitor flow. All of these aspects are laid on the table when it comes to hiring a professional website designer.

  1. Unique design

If you remember the movie Matrix Reloaded, when Agent Smith began to clone himself in order to make the matrix overrun by a sea of Agent Smiths. Similarly, when it comes to design, it feels the same. Every website begins to look similar because each one of them is using the same template. This is why hiring a professional website designer gives a fresh and unique perspective to the outlook and the website templates as well.

  1. Optimized for conversions

Most of the templates are not optimized for the sake of visitor conversions. This is simply not possible as they are trying to appeal to the broad range of the user types and are not designed to build a clear conversion path tailored to your particular user path. When it comes to hiring a web designer, they help in structuring the design in a way that is designed to optimize the conversions, in other words, more leads and more sales.

  1. SEO optimized

Hiring a website designer or firm has a knowledge of SEO and are able to do all the necessary tasks relevant to it like keywords search, identifying the best keyword for ranking purposes and ensuring that the site is tagged and structured to be optimized for those keywords.

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