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Guide to Understand SEO Content Significance for Getting Traffic

Content was, is and will be always the ‘King’ and prioritized factor of SEO success. ‘SEO’ can be defined as optimizing website for seekers to find via search engines and ‘content’ means information posted on the internet to engage readers. In other words, SEO content means content created with a goal to attract search engine traffic.

How to SEO web content?

  • Keyword research – For generating traffic via search keyword research is crucial before writing. Keywords help to write the kind of content people come in search for.
  • Keyword optimization – It helps to know how and where to employ keywords within your content for better search ability.
  • Content promotion – Build links and share on social channels to increase the new content’s visibility.
  • Content organization – Organize content logically, so people can easily find other relevant content [longer they linger on your website, the better].

Content needs to be helpful to potential customers and not be aimed at Google. Google adores customer friendly content, so promote worthy information to avoid the risk of getting de-ranked. Low value content posted on website tend to display low conversion rates and high bounce rates. You can hire SEO Houston for your content writing and other optimization needs.

Different kinds of SEO content

  • Product page serves as PPC landing page and for SEO content
  • Blog posts allow to build authority for your website
  • Articles – Available on magazine or newspaper style websites
  • Guides – A detailed guide or content can be posted and used to generate leads
  • Lists – Lists means articles with title like ‘9 best strategies to earn from home’ or ‘20 home remedies for cold’ are easy to scan and more clickable.

  • Videos – Create a video for first page because there are minimal videos on the internet than text. Video tutorials or product demonstration video relevant to your niche is the best way to reach audience.
  • Infographics – Display a huge amount of data on single subject as charts or graphs can get plenty of links and page views.
  • Slideshows – Series of relevant images can be displayed in a series. Sometimes pictures speak more than text.
  • Glossaries – If you are related to a specific industry then well-built glossary [cooking terms, fashion terms, medical terms….] helps to capture traffic.

There are more types of SEO content…possibilities are endless.

How to create an efficient SEO content strategy?

  • Define your goal
  • Determine your target audience
  • Identify the type of content these personas will come in search for
  • Create editorial calendar and strictly pursue it
  • Analyze SEO content and re-assess

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