Thursday 25 July 2024
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Important Navigation Menu Designing Features to Consider for Great User Experience

Important Navigation Menu Designing Features to Consider for Great User Experience

Navigation menu consists of main features or content list of the site. It is a compilation of icons and links. It looks totally different then visual style of other elements on the web page. For great user experience it is essential to take great care while designing the navigation menu. Navigation menu defines the usability of your site.

Build a website and design great navigation menu using the following tips or considering the important features.

Easy to locate

The navigation text must not share the same size, font, and color of the content. It has to be prominent and noticeable. Navigation space needs to be of specific size and be positioned on left side or top of the web page.

Easy to click

The options have to be large enough to allow clicks. Too small or very close navigation menu options will cause issue for mobile users. Even all elements in the drop-down menu has to be clickable.


Use same navigation menu consistently, so that users don’t get lost. Moreover, they may start thinking they are on someone else’s site instead of yours.


Text on the menu has to be short, descriptive, precise and clear. Use simple and basic terms otherwise it can make users think what the text means. The possibility they leave the site is high.


Items can be added to vertical navigation but have limited elements on the main menu. It may distract the visitors, so don’t exceed beyond 8 items.


Minimalism is trendy in web designing. Choose a unique and visually appealing style to make the menu look cool. Ensure that it blends with overall website layout style.


The key principle to measure website quality is accessibility. While using CSS technology, consider compatibility with the screen reading technology.

Never hide navigation

Links tucked in footer or tiny menu items or pop out navigation concealed behind oddball icons or lack of menu on interior web pages will keep users from browsing across your website. Navigation has to be in the front on every page. The navigation menu bar has to be waiting, when they arrive!

Make search prominent

Search has to be on each page as well as in main navigation. It has to be large for easy access, type and read. Search functionality keeps visitors on website. In case, they don’t find something they came looking for then they will possibly search.

You can go vertical or full-page navigation style. Experiment different styles but make sure to consider all the factors mentioned above.

Design excellent navigation menu!