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Process of translation

Process of translation

It is important to know the translation process before you start using the โดจินแปลไทย. The human service of translation is known to be a science of having to alter accurately the sense of texts or words from one language source to the next language source while at the same time, retaining the meaning by humans in the process.

For text to end up being translated effectively from one language to the next, it needs to be read and thoroughly understood, you have to ensure that the meaning is retained in the entire process, the correct vocabulary has to be selected, the rules in grammar of the language that is targeted needs to be followed to the latter, the text meaning has to be expressed properly in the language that is targeted, and wording has to be as natural as possible.

The process of translation

There are several stages which the whole human translation services gets carried through which include the following:


During this particular step, the translator scopes out the source material context to be translated. It is what entails the skimming or reading parts or the entire article to be translated so that you get a general feeling of the content, identifying issues which are pertinent as the subject matter, length of content, writing style, the way the technical writing is, main concepts, and the terminologies to be embraced.

The translator checks out the source document to get to know the missing texts, typos, grammatical errors, the inconsistencies, or whatever issues which might require some clarification from the client. During this stage, that is when the timeline of the project, the costs and the final dates that the delivery will happen gets determined.

Initial translation

The document that has to be translated is then split in smaller chunks using computer tools like wordfast and trados. The human translator professional translates the entire document from the source language to the target language sentence after sentence.

After the conclusion of this particular step, the document which gets translated together with the source document is returned back to the project manager.

Check of accuracy

The translation draft is then compared to the chunk of the original document by the manager of the project to confirm if the content is complete or there is certain missing and that there is no meaning which gets misinterpreted. Improvements to any inelegant or unnatural wording get to be made at this particular state. The translator makes sure that the pieces which are translated are making sense and fits naturally with the original document.

Proof reading or quality control

At this particular stage, the document that gets translated is re-read, ascertaining that the layout does match that of the source language, the right fonts gets used, all the footers and headers are consistent with the source language document, the names are spelt properly, the pagination is matching with the source document, the text is able to flow correctly and the updates of the source language gets incorporated and that the graphics, margins and positioning are placed correctly.