Tuesday 26 September 2023
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What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

Each 디지털 마케팅 에이전시 understands what digital marketing is all about. Basically, it refers to any online marketing assets or effort. Pay per click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and blogging are all good examples of digital marketing, helping to introduce people to your company, convincing them to buy.

The following are some of the most common digital market strategies and assets businesses that you use to reach people online:

Digital marketing assets

Almost everything can be an asset of digital marketing. It simply requires to be a tool for marketing that you can use online. With that said, most people don’t realize the many digital marketing assets which they have at their disposal. The following are some of the examples:

  • Your website
  • Reviews
  • Video content – product demons, video ads
  • Written content that include blog posts,  eBooks
  • Online tools or products which are a variety like SaaS and the interactive content
  • Social media pages

As you might have imagined, it is a list which scratches on the surface. Most of the assets of digital marketing will fall in one of categories, but marketers who are clever are constantly coming up with various new ways of reaching customers online so the list will keep growing.

Digital marketing strategies

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, it happens to keep on evolving but the following are some of the strategies which majority of the business use:

Pay per click advertising

The PPC or pay per click is a broad term which covers any type of marketing digitally where you will be required to pay for each of the user who clicks on your ad. An example is the Google AdWords. Facebook Ads are also another form of PPC.

Paid search advertising

The Bing, Google, and Yahoo are known to allow you to run text advertisements on specific search engine results pages – the SERPs. The paid search advertising is known to be one of the best ways of targeting potential customers who are searching actively for a service or product like yours.

Search engine optimization – The SEO

If you don’t require to pay for showing up in the SERPs, you can as well utilize the SEO – search engine optimization to try ranking pages or the blog posts on your site organically. You don’t need to pay direct for each click, but to get a page to rank normally takes quite a bit of effort and time

Paid social media advertising

Most of the platforms for social media such as Facebook as well as  Pinterest will allow you to be able to run advertisements on specific website. The paid social media advertising is a wonderful way of building awareness with the audiences which might not be aware that your business services or products exist.

Social media marketing

Just like with the SEO, the social media marketing is the organic, free way of using your social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook in marketing your business.