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Best Websites For Photography Enthusiasts

Best Websites For Photography Enthusiasts

There is always something new to learn in photography, and it does not matter if you are starting out or you are a seasoned professional. And as technology advances rapidly, the learning curve keeps extending.

A wonderful way to ace the technical aspects of photography is by following websites and blogs of reputed photographers. If you are a photography enthusiast then you need to know the best photography websites and tools to check out.

  1. Digital Camera World

If you are a beginner and need an entire tutorial about photography from scratch, the digital camera world is the perfect website. The digital camera world belongs to the top websites list of photography and is a rapidly growing site. The website covers every ingredient of photography, including image marketing and editing. The website is the most visited photography website because of the finest form of information. The website also offers video tutorials that are easy to understand. The site also covers DSLR and mobile picture editing and drone operation details. In addition, you can access buying guides and product reviews, which help you decide on purchasing photography-related equipment.

  1. Cambridge In Color

Cambridge in color is another popular photography website that is a learning community for photographers that offers tools and photography-related tutorials. In addition, the website has an online forum where you can ask questions and interact with people to know more about photography. At present, the website has an active user count of 2000 every day who will help you out with your queries. Registration to the online forum doesn’t demand fees, and the website forms the best resource for photography-related information.

  1. Photography Life

Photography life is a website launched by photography frantic where you get the latest news, article, and reviews about newly launched products and services. It is also an excellent source for beginners as you can access how-to guides and video tutorials. Furthermore, advanced tutorials, trips, and tricks are available for those facing difficulty in heavy-weight technical matters and issues related to the photographic business.

  1. Camera Jabber

The website is developed by photographers to help out other photographers. The camera jabber is a website where you get every detail about photography, latest news, reviews, and product impressions. In addition, it offers a guide on operating photography equipment from phone cameras to DSLRs. The website is updated every day with trending topics and is worth checking out to see what is new.

  1. British Journal Of Photography

The British journal of photography is one of the oldest websites that has been active since 1854. The website puts forward fresh ideas and is a great accompaniment for venerable magazines. Moreover, The website offers student and professional awards and is the best platform to recognize your photographic skills and discover new talents.

  1. DIY Photography

The website was launched in 2006 and is the best place to receive expert advice. This website is again developed by photographers for photographers. The website is great for tutorials, how-to articles, and the best platform to read about DIY articles.

  1. iPhone Photography School

Having a heavy-weight camera doesn’t mean that you can capture good pictures. On the contrary, you need to put in immense efforts and practice to gain mastery in photography. The iPhone photographic school is where you can learn the basics of photography and learn to capture impressive pictures with your iPhone. The teaching is a step-by-step process, and you start with the basics and later move to in-depth tutorials that cover every aspect of photography. Additionally, the website offers the best photo editing training and helps put your photography skills to the best use and get past regular competitors.

  1. Digital Photography Review

The digital photography review is the go-to website of photography enthusiasts and is the number one platform for everything related to digital photography. This website offers a complete guide to digital photography, including product reviews, video tutorials, buying guides, and forums. The enormous amount of information offered by the website is the reason behind its popularity and website traffic.

Wrapping it up

Internet is flooded with thousands of photography websites. But the ones mentioned here are excellent guides for photography enthusiasts, even if you are a beginner.